Metro 10 Year Warranty

Metro wood fires are manufactured in New Zealand, using the highest quality of materials, workmanship and the latest manufacturing techniques, which is why we offer a full 10 year firebox warranty and 1 year parts warranty for peace of mind. Please retain the following details: Purchase date, serial number, model, colour and the retailer purchased from.

Metro 10 Year Warranty

(NZ Consumer laws apply to this warranty)

Pioneer Manufacturing Limited (Pioneer) warrants the steel firebox against defective materials and workmanship which would render it unfit for normal domestic use, from the date of purchase by the original consumer, for a period of 10 years.

Components including panel coating, door retainers, door seals, glass, trim, baffle & bricks are warranted for a period of 1 year from the date of original purchase for domestic use against defective materials and workmanship.

All associated accessories including, but not limited to, fans, flue systems, flue shields, wetbacks, tool sets, ash pots etc, are covered by a 1 year warranty against defective materials and workmanship.

It is recommended, but not a condition of this warranty, that a full service/inspection of the Metro wood fire be carried out at the end of each winter season.

Warranty Conditions:

  • The Metro wood fire must be installed, operated and maintained strictly in accordance with the building code and this installation and operation manual.
  • The Metro wood fire must be installed and used in a domestic application.
  • This warranty covers appliance like for like replacement or repair at the manufacturer’s discretion but excludes freight, travel, installation, labour and/or any other associated costs.
  • Pioneer or their agents are not liable for any loss or expense direct or indirect arising from the failure of any part or operation of the appliance.
  • Operation of this appliance in violation of the warnings in this operation and installation manual will void this warranty.
  • Your Metro wood fire must be regularly maintained and we recommended it is also serviced annually. Proof of servicing may be required. If a wood fire is not regularly maintained and serviced, the life span will be reduced. If your Metro wood fire has been neglected, by not being regularly maintained and serviced, warranty may be declined.
  • It is critical that the fire not be operated with over worn, faulty or missing door seals. Door seals will harden over time and become over-worn (3-4 year’s) this will cause air to leak into the fire, causing the appliance to ‘over fire’.
  • It is critical that the fire not be operated with over worn, faulty or missing bricks, baffle plate, baffle extension (white board on or under the baffle plate)
  • It is critical that the fire not be operated with cracked, or broken door glass.

Note: The above 3 points require regular inspection/maintenance (every time the ash bed is cleaned out, generally 3-5 times a season) and if not maintained will void the firebox warranty. Please ensure you keep your proof of purchase/receipt on any parts you buy.

A claim under this warranty should be directed to the retailer who supplied the Metro wood fire. If this is not possible write directly to the manufacturer stating details of fault, model and serial number of your Metro, date and proof of purchase and name of retailer where the Metro was purchased.

Warranty Exclusions:

This manufacturer’s warranty does not cover:

  • Service calls which are not related to any defect in the product (i.e. operational, installation or fuel issues). The cost of a service call will be charged if the problem is not found to be a product fault.
  • Defects caused by factors other than normal domestic use or use in accordance with the product’s operation manual.
  • Defects caused through the product being operated in an “over-fired” manner resulting in sections of the firebox operating excessively hot to the point that sections glow red. (Note – This will result in distortion of the firebox)
  • Defects to the product caused by accident, neglect, misuse or act of God.
  • The cost of repairs carried out by non-authorised repairers or the cost of correcting such unauthorised repairs.
  • Required maintenance as set out in this manual.

Service under this manufacturer’s warranty must be provided by a repairer authorised by Pioneer Manufacturing Ltd. Such service shall be provided during normal business hours.