NES Test Certificates

National En​vironmental Standards (NES)​

The National Environmental Standards (NES) require a minimum 65% efficiency and maximum 1.5 grams emission requirement on all wood fires installed on properties with a land area of less than two hectares.

There are certain regions in New Zealand that have more stringent by-laws in place. For example, Central Otago Air Shed 1 is limited to 0.7 grams and Canterbury is limited to 1 gram. Please check with your local council on the emission limits within your region. 

Metro fires offer a large range of NES and ECan approved wood fires. The majority of these can be fitted with a wetback and still meet NES and ECan compliance. In addition to these clean air approved models, Metro also offer a range of LTD models for rural home owners wanting longer burn times and full capacity wetbacks.

Clean Air Approved Models

Specifically designed for properties less than two hectares in size. All clean air approved models surpass the NES requirement of 1.5gms/kg and a minimum efficiency requirement of 65%, with the majority of these models also meeting NES compliance with a wetback fitted. Clean air models feature a different design spec to their LTD counterparts, with the emphasis on burning hot and clean. Utilising advanced combustion technology and a complex firebox design which operates at efficient combustion temperatures keeping emission levels to a minimum and improving heat output into your home.

Metro’s clean air fireboxes utilise a secondary burn chamber and secondary air supply combination unique to Metro, which eliminates the ongoing and costly replacement of secondary air tubes used by most other brands.

LTD Models

Specifically designed for lifestyle and rural properties with a land area of two hectares or greater (non clean air zones). The major features of these LTD models is their longer burn time capabilities and the larger capacity wetbacks providing up to 4kW for water heating. LTD Metro’s meet AS/NZS4013:1999 compliance, and although this is still the current Australian & New Zealand emission standard, the National Environmental Standards (NES) takes precedence on all installations on properties with a land area of less than two hectares. LTD Metro’s can therefore only be installed on a property with a land area of two hectares or greater.


Download an NES Test Certificate here


Tested Emission and Efficiency

  Tested Emission & Efficiency ECan Authorisation Numbers  
Clean Air Models Without wetback With wetback Without wetback With wetback Complies with NES
ECO Tiny Ped 0.72gms/78% 1.00gms/66% 073897 080009 With & Without Wetback
ECO Tiny Rad 0.94gms/75% 0.85gms/67% 072605 072607 With & Without Wetback
Tiny Rad Woody 0.62gms/66% 0.64gms/66% 172397 172398 With & Without Wetback
Wee Rad - Legs 0.62gms/70% 0.68gms/67% 130815 130816 With & Without Wetback
Wee Rad - Base 0.62gms/70% 0.68gms/67% 152162 152163 With & Without Wetback
Wee Rad - Woody 0.62gms/70% 0.68gms/67% 162621 162663 With & Without Wetback
Wee Ped 0.62gms/70% 0.68gms/67% 151781 151783 With & Without Wetback
R1 0.60gms/71% Not tested 134103 Not tested Without Wetback only
R2 0.79gms/70% Not tested 134104 Not tested Without Wetback only
Ambie One 0.95gms/71% Not Tested 120834 Not Tested Without Wetback only
Ambie Plus 0.42gms/69% 0.49gms/67% 120835 120836 With & Without Wetback
Classic Rad 0.63gms/67.4% 0.60gms/66.7% 151777 151779 With & Without Wetback
Xtreme Rad - Legs 0.64gms/67% 0.87gms/66% 132245 160209 With & Without Wetback
Xtreme Rad - Base 0.64gms/67% 0.87gms/66% 132245 160209 With & Without Wetback
Xtreme Rad - Woody 0.64gms/67% 0.87gms/66% 162622 162665 With & Without Wetback
Xtreme Ped 0.64gms/67% 0.87gms/66% 141808 160207 With & Without Wetback
ECO Euro Ped 0.65gms/70% 1.08gms/70.2% 112001/112019 N/A in ECan territory Suitable for rest of NZ With & Without Wetback
Mega Rad 0.66gms/66% 0.67gms/66% 156727 156728 With & Without Wetback
ECO Trend Insert 0.91gms/65% Not tested 101159 Not tested Without Wetback only
Smart Insert 0.49gms/68% 0.82gms/67% 102411 102426 With & Without Wetback
Mega Smart Built-In 0.65gms/69% 0.56gms/66% 110719 111058 With & Without Wetback