Direct Vent Technology

Metro Direct Vent - Increase efficiency

ECO DV Metro’s incorporate Direct Vent [DV] technology. These “DV” Metro’s offer two significant advantages. All air consumed during combustion enters the appliance near the bottom/rear of the firebox, this enables both the primary and secondary air supply to be pre-heated to very high temperatures before entering the firebox. This air supply is ducted over the rear face of the firebox, then through preheating channels fitted into the firebox’s secondary burn chamber, resulting in improved emissions and efficiencies.

Metro’s with the “DV” technology also offer the option of connecting the air supply to outside the home. Laboratory testing confirms a typical wood fire producing 10kW’s of heat at 67% efficiency consumes 504 litres of air per minute burning fuel with a 17% moisture content, equating to around one “roomful” of air every hour. By connecting the air supply to outside the home the Metro consumes air drawn in from outside the home rather than using the heated air from within the home, saving fuel and further increasing the overall efficiency of the Metro.

Metro Direct Vent Kits

There are three Direct Vent kits available

  • DV WALL KIT ducts through an outside wall
  • DV FLOOR KIT ducts through the floor directly behind the Metro
  • DV CEILING KIT ducts into the wall cavity and up into the ceiling cavity