Council Specifications

Before you buy

Before you buy your Metro fire, make sure your local authority will allow you to install the model you want on the property you have. You will also need to get a building consent before you install your woodburner.

When lodging an application, check that you have provided all the information required on the application form and on the applicant checklist.  If this information is not provided correctly your application may be denied and the process held up. Depending on local Council requirements you may have to supply some of the following:

  • floor plans showing position of wood fire and smoke alarm locations
  • the roof type
  • details of the chimney flashings in accordance with E2 AS1 of the NZ Building Code
  • details of flue clearances where it penetrates floors and roofs
  • detail of seismic restraint
  • the model of fire being installed needs to be included in the description of the work

You may also need to install extra smoke alarms. Your local Metro retailer or installer will be able to assist with this.

Approved installation

Wood burners can create a fire hazard if incorrectly installed. The New Zealand Home Heating Association has a list of approved installers and your local Metro dealer will be able to assist with this also. You are not required to use a registered installer, but it is recommended.

For properties 2HA+ and not situated within a clean air zone, you can install any model Metro. Our LTD models are specifically designed for rural properties over 2HA and feature overnight burning capabilities. For residential properties located within clean air zones, only clean air approved wood burners can be installed under the National Environmental Standards (NES) regulations which came into effect 1 Sept 2005. A list of clean air compliant woodburners are available on the Ministry for the Environment website.

Please note: Some regional councils have imposed emission requirements which take precedence over the NES. If in doubt, consult your local council or Metro retailer. Please click on the link below to view/download a PDF file of the current Specifications Brochure and NES Test Certificate for your Metro wood fire.

Download the latest Metro 2018 Specifications

Download a Metro NES Test Certificate for your local Council