We have a comprehensive range of clean air approved and ultra low emission fires for urban homes and LTD fires designed for lifestyle and rural properties over 2Ha in size.

Learn about the difference between radiant and convection heating to determine which Metro wood fire is best suited for your home and heating requirements.

Before you purchase your Metro fire, make sure your local authority will allow you to install the model you want on the property you have.

Our catalogues and manuals contain information on our product range with detailed instructions to ensure your Metro wood fire is installed and operated correctly.

NES test certificates detail independent laboratory tested emission and efficiency ratings for all current model Metro clean air approved and ultra low emission wood fires.

Here you'll find the answers to the most common questions our Metro stockists and customer service team are asked about our product range.

Learn about Metro products and how to easily maintain and service your fire with our 'how-to' guides. Get the right advice, products and tools you'll require to get the job done.

Whether you have a modern or older Metro fire, simple regular servicing and maintenance is key to your fires safety, performance and longevity.

Need parts?

All wood fires require regular maintenance and an annual service is also recommended to ensure you're getting the best from your fire. Metro Fires feature minimal parts that require servicing and these can be easily replaced by the homeowner.

If you need help to determine the correct parts for your fire, please ask your local retailer for assistance, use our online Parts Guide or contact the Metro Head Office here.

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