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Enjoy the warmth, ambience and cooking capabilities of an Outdoor 850 fire

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Enhance your outdoor living

New Zealander’s love their outdoor living and a well-designed outdoor space will extend your homes living areas to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Enhance your outdoor living with a Metro Outdoor fire and entertain family and friends while enjoying the warmth, ambience and cooking capabilities.

The closed-door firebox of the Outdoor 850 delivers impressive radiant heat to your outdoor living area while offering panoramic fireside views, safety during operation and eliminates windblown ash and smoke nuisance often found with open outdoor fires. The new Outdoor 1200 offers an incredibly versatile and exciting way to cook and provides a great place for family and friends to gather. Metro’s Outdoor fires are proudly New Zealand made and are manufactured from corrosion-resistant Corten steel and stainless steel to stand the test of time in New Zealand’s harsh outdoor climate.

Outdoor 850B

The 850B is the perfect fit when you want to customise your outdoor setup. Stainless steel levelling feet allow the 850B to be installed onto a non combustible custom plinth or benchtop to your desired design. The landscape door glass offers…

$4,699.00 RRP
Outdoor 850 P

Outdoor 850P

The 850P features a Corten steel pedestal base for secure placement and stability. The Corten firebox, stainless steel flue system and fastenings have been designed and built to be as corrosion resistant as possible for outdoor durability. The…

$5,349.00 RRP

Outdoor 850T

The 850T features a large volume stainless steel storage trolley with a removable base panel for easy cleaning. Practical and convenient storage for your firewood, cooking grill and pizza stone. Heavy duty braked castors provide secure placement and…

$6,449.00 RRP

Outdoor 1200 Braai

The Outdoor 1200 Braai is designed for installation onto a non-combustible plinth or bench top to your desired design or installed onto the Outdoor 1200 trolley base (optional extra). The Outdoor 1200 offers an incredibly versatile and exciting way…

$7,299.00 RRP

Outdoor 1200 Braai & Trolley

The aluminium and stainless steel trolley provides storage for your firewood and features built-in rails to slide the door neatly underneath the appliance during operation. The Outdoor 1200 offers an incredibly versatile and exciting way to cook and…

$10,298.00 RRP
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Unmatched outdoor heat

Enjoy the unbeatable warmth of a Metro Outdoor wood fire. The ‘closed-door’ firebox is fully brick lined for maximum heat retention to deliver impressive radiant heat to your outdoor space.

The landscape door glass offers panoramic fireside views, safety during operation and prevents wind blown ash and smoke nuisance often found with open outdoor fires.

pizza cooked by outdoor fire place

Enjoy alfresco dining

The Outdoor 850 not only delivers warmth and comfort, it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the full experience of a flame grilled steak and the delicious taste of wood fired pizza.

Sear your food to perfection over the flame grill, slide in the pizza stone and watch the mozzarella melt, or enjoy juicy succulent meat cooked on top of the fire in the optional Outdoor oven kit.

outdoor fire place

The magic of fire

There’s something comforting about gathering around an outdoor fire that brings people together in a unique way.

With the warm glow and ambiance of the flickering flames, it’s a relaxing place for family and friends to come together where conversation and stories naturally flow creating everlasting memories.