Outdoor Cooktop Oven Kit

Outdoor Cooktop Oven Kit
Transform your Outdoor 850 from heat to oven mode within seconds. Designed to maximise cooktop space with a generous hood height for cooking large roasts. The oven kit includes: Stainless steel cooktop oven with thermostat gauge, 200mm diameter cast iron trivet, stainless steel roasting dish with handles and roasting rack, and a pair of Outdoor oven mitts. Place the trivet onto the cooktop with roasting dish on top, pop your food in and drop the Outdoor oven over the top. Savour the taste of chicken cooked to perfection with crunchy skin on the outside and juicy, tender meat underneath.

Other Outdoor By Metro Products

Stainless steel roasting dish
perfect for baking and roasting

Folding handles for comfortable
and secure lifting

Removable rack allows fats and
oils to drain away easily

230mm wide x 330mm deep
x 55mm high

200mm diameter cast iron trivet

Place under pots, pans, roasting dishes and kettles

Built-in feet elevate the trivet for a nice even radiant heat

Finished in metallic black high temperature paint

Hardwood timber construction for cutting and impact resistance

Ideal for food preparation & serving

Comfortable ergonomic handle

High-quality oiled finish

Board area measures
315mm x 365mm x 20mm

Protection for timber decking and combustible surfaces

3mm galvanised steel construction

800mm deep x 1200mm wide

Two sets of pre-drilled fixing points

Finished in zinc black high temperature paint