850 Pizza oven / Outdoor fire

The versatile Outdoor 850 range offers three model configurations with flue system options to suit your outdoor heating needs.

The Outdoor 850B is the perfect option when you want to customise your outdoor setup and build your own base, or you can be up and running in just a couple of hours with the 850P pedestal base or 850T trolley base model. A removable cooking grill and pizza stone is lifted into the fire when you’re ready to cook. Sear food to perfection on the cooking grill, slide in the pizza stone and watch the mozzarella melt, or simply sit back and relax with the radiant warmth and ambience.

Installation options with either freestanding or roof penetration flue systems to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space.

Impressive heat output

The landscape glass offers panoramic fireside views, safety during operation and delivers impressive outdoor heat. The closed firebox also prevents wind blown ash and smoke nuisance often found with open fronted outdoor fires.

Cooking capabilities

Sear food over the flame grill or slide in the pizza stone and watch the mozzarella melt. The 850 models feature a removable internal cooking grill and pizza stone with a built-in firebox gauge to indicate optimum cooking temperatures.

Superior build construction

Solid Corten steel firebox construction and firebrick lined for heat retention and durability. All fastenings are stainless steel for high heat with high temperature satin black and zinc based coatings specially formulated for outdoor use.

Freestanding flue system

The freestanding flue system is designed for self assembly so you can locate and install your fire and flue system in just a couple of hours. Suitable for installations in an open environment away from buildings, structures, vegetation and any other combustible objects by the minimum clearances detailed. (See installation manual for full details)

Roof penetration flue system

The roof penetration flue system is designed for outdoor installations where the flue system is required to penetrate a roofed structure. Installations with this flue system will require a suitably qualified installer to ensure all clearances and specifications are met for a safe and compliant installation.

Cooking tool kit

All Outdoor 850 models include a cooking tool kit, internal cooking grill and pizza stone with a firebox temperature gauge to indicate optimum cooking temperatures. The cooking tool kit includes: Pizza peel, ember rake, grill lifter and wall bracket for hanging tools.