Braai / Barbecue / Outdoor fire

In New Zealand, summer is pretty much synonymous with barbecuing and grilling and we’d have to argue that most food tastes better when cooked over flames. The term Braai (pronounced bry’) originates from the Afrikaans word braaivleis, meaning ‘roasted or grilled meat’.

The Outdoor 1200 Braai offers an incredibly versatile and exciting way to cook and provides a great place for family and friends to gather. The unique style of wood fired BBQ lets you to cook a variety of food and juicier meats while delivering distinctive smokey wood fired flavours. All cooking grills and accessories are easily removed after cooking to use the Outdoor 1200 as an outdoor fireplace to keep your guests warm as the evening cools down.

Versatile exciting cooking

The Outdoor 1200 features two stainless steel cooking grills and a cast iron grill for use on both sides of the ember maker. Side racks with various cooking heights allow you to organise cooking grills for both direct and indirect grilling zones.

Impressive outdoor heat

Heating your outdoor living is a wonderful way to keep guests warm and comfortable and enjoy more time outdoors. The Outdoor 1200 delivers impressive heat and ambience while creating a relaxing place to gather and share stories.

Superior build construction

Solid Corten steel firebox and gather construction with a firebrick lined rear wall for heat retention and durability. All fastenings are stainless steel for high heat with high temperature zinc based coatings specially formulated for outdoor use.

Wood fired barbecue cooking

The Outdoor 1200 features an ember maker which is loaded with fuel to make fire starting quick and easy. Reloading the ember maker provides a continuous supply of hot embers which fall into the burn tray for raking across beneath the grills to provide heat for cooking.

Side racks with various cooking heights allow you to organise the grills so you can have both direct and indirect grilling zones. Ideal for moving foods back and forth between zones, alternating between high-heat direct grilling and lower heat indirect grilling.

Cooking setup (standard)

The ember maker is located in the centre of the Outdoor 1200 to allow cooking grills to be placed on each side, at a range of suitable heights so you can cook a range of different foods at the same time.

Cooking setup (optional)

The ember maker can be moved to either side of the Outdoor 1200 for the optional large grill to be used. An additional support bracket is included with this grill which simply locates between the firebricks.

Outdoor fireplace

The side racks, ember maker and cooking grills are easily removed when you want to use as an outdoor fireplace. Wood stops are fitted to the front of the burn tray to contain the fuel load during operation.