No power to fight the cold

When the recent winter storms hit the country, for Wellington woman Helen Down, it was deja vu in the dark. The family have torches strategically located around their rural home for easy access, because they've been in this powerless situation before. Now when a big storm is forecast, the family know they are prepared, she says.

"The last few winters we have experienced a power outage of some form, and it’s our wood burner that always gets us through. It's the cosy centre of our home, and during a power cut our reliance falls heavily on its performance and its ability to provide us the essentials. After the increasing number of storms and power cuts we have experienced over the last few years, I am so thankful we researched the benefits and chose wood as our number one source of heating."

"Our Metro allows us to have hot water, cook our food, and stay warm. The ability to keep ourselves warm and healthy and being able to cook without being connected to the grid is vital when the elements are against you.  I can’t recommend enough having one that has a surface you can cook or boil the kettle on."

“The other key advantage for us is the benefit of running a wetback to reduce our hot water power costs. Power seems to increase every year so using our wood fire to heat our water and reduce our overall power use has been a huge bonus. When it's miserable weather outside and you have no power, it's nice to know you can still grab a hot shower, she added.

“It also amazes us how easily the fire heats the whole house. With the running costs basically zero and all the added benefits it provides, we couldn't be happier with our choice. Our family and friends always comment on the fire and the warmth it provides and some of our friends have followed suit and installed a Metro too.

We actually look forward to the winter season now, knowing we will be toasty and warm no matter what the weather brings. We make sure we have a good supply of firewood and always have it stacked and seasoned well in advance. There is nothing worse than feeling the cold, and thanks to our wood fire we no longer have to. We just love our Metro." said Helen.

Helen Down
Synthesis Marketing