Reliable heat when it matters most!

If the thought of this winter’s heating bill is enough to make you reach for another jersey, you’re not alone. Power costs for average households jumped by an average of $121.32 nationwide in the 12 months to February, according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Power prices have been climbing relentlessly over the past decade with New Zealand’s total power use having doubled in the last 30 years.

Keeping our homes warm, dry and healthy can be an expensive challenge and near impossible for some families. Ideally the temperature in our homes during winter should be between 20°C and 24°C – and not drop below 16°C for bedrooms. In the midst of another cold winter, homeowners are investigating more reliable, cost effective ways to heat their homes.

Because of this, the wood fire industry is in good shape, according to New Zealand’s most popular manufacturer of wood fires, Metro Fires in Taranaki. Managing Director Darin Butler said with the rise in power and gas prices and the number of power outages experienced this season, more and more “value conscious”  Kiwis were returning to the tried and true heating option.

“Wood fires have become more sophisticated and functional, with different models, colours, and styles, and with options such as wetbacks and boilers for additional heating, and heat transfer systems to heat the entire home. Even for city dwellers, wood burners will meet most home heating needs – independently of electricity or gas supplies – and keep the environment safe.”

“Homeowners want reliable, cost effective options for heating water and their homes. They want what’s good for the environment – and they’re also fed up with constant price rises in both electricity and gas.”

We are only halfway through this winter with most of the country having experienced a power outage of some form, with some outages lasting a number of days. Power companies are out in force doing what they can to remedy the cuts, but by installing a Metro wood fire, consumers no longer need to rely on electricity to keep their homes and families warm. They also take back control of their home heating costs, being unaffected by power and gas price rises. Think of the further cost reductions if you have access to free firewood.

With the ability to cook a meal, boil water for drinking and heat your hot water, Metro wood fires have kept hundreds of families warm and fed during the spate of power outages the country has experienced. Mr Butler says, “Keeping your family warm, fed and comfortable is paramount. Being able to heat your entire home and provide ambience with the ability to boil water and cook food – a Metro wood fire will ensure your family is protected from the elements when it matters most”.

“We invest huge resource into R&D and achieve outstanding results. New to Metro’s extensive range this season is the improved Wee Rad. Burning 29.5% cleaner and 5% hotter than the previous model, we have enlarged the door glass by almost a third for enhanced flame view” he said. Designed to heat open areas up to 150m2, the Wee Rad produces 15kW of heat output for the average 3 bedroom home, and features a dedicated top for cooking meals, hearty soups and hot drinks during the colder months.

Mr Butler says hot water supply is also a big issue with customers concerned about power availability. Electric hot water cylinders with ripple control are frequently the first items to be switched off by electricity suppliers when demand exceeds supply – and this has increased demand for wetbacks. “Massive savings in power consumption can be made by utilising Metro wetbacks and Metro heat transfer systems with a Metro wood fire. The heated air produced by these super-efficient fires can be easily pumped throughout the house, making your entire home warmer, drier, and healthier he added.

“Our range of New Zealand-designed and manufactured fires meet the environmental standards, and thanks to kiwi ingenuity, are more efficient than ever before. Metro is proudly 100% New Zealand made and owned, using the highest quality materials, workmanship and the very latest manufacturing techniques. We proudly support our local industry and New Zealand’s future with ongoing investment into R&D testament to our commitment to remain at the forefront of the wood fire industry.

Metro Fires – Trusted, reliable heat for your home.