New technology improves home heating efficiency

Energy efficiency features enabling wood fires to heat an entire home cost effectively are proving popular according to New Zealand’s largest selling wood fire manufacturer. Darin Butler, managing director of Metro Fires, said as well as the need to comply with clean air standards, consumers were looking for heating solutions allowing them to heat their entire home.

“Our heat transfer system transfers the heated air from the living room, and delivers the warm air to the colder parts of the home. Improving the flow of warm air around the home via our heat transfer systems is an important innovation as pumping heated air to other rooms in the house keeps temperatures more balanced throughout, and makes homes warmer, drier, and healthier” he said.\

“What people are wanting is the best option to heat their whole home rather just a specific room so this is why wood fires are so popular compared with electric or gas appliances. They can heat other rooms without the use of electric heaters, which are expensive to use and do not work that well in cold un-insulated homes. As unused heat from a wood fire sits at ceiling level, by installing a heat transfer system it means homeowners can use the heat generated by their wood fire more effectively” he said.