Metro Fires wins two Design Best Awards

The Best Awards, New Zealand’s most prestigious design awards were held in Auckland recently featuring the best of what New Zealand designers and brands have to offer.

Metro Fires, the Taranaki based company featured well on the night, receiving 2 awards, in the Consumer and Sustainability categories for their Ambience range of wood fires.     

Darin Butler, Managing Director of Metro Fires, and Design Director of the Ambience range, said, “Receiving the awards really does cement a job well done to all involved in the Ambie project, which was two years in the making from point of concept, to its release in Feb 2012.”

Butler continues, “the concept was to bring to market a minimalist contemporary wood fire design featuring a single piece glass front, which is something that has not been seen on a slow combustion wood fire before. In addition, improved performance and emissions were also very high on the wish list. The end result is the stunning Ambience range of ultra clean-burning wood fires, which we have available in two sizes and are finished in either high gloss white or black vitreous enamel.”

Behind the stunning looks of the Ambience fires, the improved combustion of the internal firebox design has created Metro’s cleanest burning wood fire, emitting only 0.42 grams of particulate per Kg of fuel burnt.

Butler says, “0.42grams is exceptionally clean burning, and we are extremely happy with the tested result. To give you an idea how clean 0.42grams is, when the fire is burning, the only thing that can be seen coming out of the flue is heat haze, no smoke is visible which is very impressive”.

“Even reaching the finals was a great achievement” Butler said, “the consumer category covered a wide range of well designed product so we were very happy to receive recognition in this category. The criteria for the sustainability category proved to be far more complex and very involved. We had to critically analyse and prove many different aspects from the sustainability and performance, product life cycle impact through to elimination of waste and pollution, and the socially responsible life cycle of our product. Achieving an award in this category reinforces our mission to deliver sustainable product improving the health and well-being of New Zealander’s.”

Since the release of the Ambience Series earlier this year, sales expectations were high, and they have been well exceeded. Metro has also been pleasantly surprised by the way Ambience has been accepted in Australia, with export sales to date far exceeding expectations. Overall, with the launch of the Ambience Series resulting in two design awards and higher than expected sales both nationally and across the Tasman, Metro has confirmed itself as the market leader in wood fire design and innovation.