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A warm welcome

Keeping warm during winter is a basic need we all share, and the natural warmth, comfort and ambience from a flickering fire is the nicest way to keep your home warm, dry and healthy. With over 30 models to choose from, we have a wood fire to suit all New Zealand homes. Our comprehensive range of clean air approved, LTD rural models and ultra low emission fires operate at very high efficiencies when installed with the Metro ECO Flue system. Most Metro wood fires can also be fitted with a wetback to assist with your water heating requirements. The addition of a Metro Climate Control system will maximise heat usage and spread warmth throughout your entire home providing a warm, dry healthy environment for your family.

We are a family owned and operated company with a long and proud family history and value our unique ‘family-based’ culture. We continue to support local industry and New Zealand’s future by designing and manufacturing our fires right here in New Zealand. We use the highest quality materials, workmanship and the very latest manufacturing techniques to provide top performance and durability. Ongoing investment into research and development, rigorous quality control and premium warranties are testament to our commitment to remain at the forefront of the wood fire industry and deliver the best heating solutions to keep New Zealand homes warm and dry.

We know you’ll love the warmth, comfort and quality of a New Zealand made Metro fire. Thank you for choosing Metro Fires.

Metro Clean Air Approved Model Icon

Clean air approved wood fires

Metro LTD Rural Model Icon

LTD rural (2ha+) wood fires

Metro Ultra Low Emission Icon

Ultra low emission wood fires

Metro Ultra Clean Burning Icon

11kW - 24kW peak heat outputs

Metro Heating Area Icon

Heat open areas 120m2 - 280m2

Metro Wetback Capable Model Icon

Wetback capable models

Metro ECO Flue System Icon

Energy efficient ECO flue systems

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Compact installations

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Designed and made in New Zealand

Metro Premium Warranty Icon

Premium firebox warranties

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Genuine parts supply 25 years

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New Zealands largest range

Choose the best fire

There are many factors to consider when installing a wood fire and ensuring you select the correct size and model for your home and heating requirements is key. The biggest fire is not always the best option and the right sized Metro fire with correct operation and good dry firewood will provide you many years of warmth and reliable heating.

Your Metro agency and local installer can provide assistance with choosing the best fire and flue system and the additional heating accessories you may need. Selecting the most suitable installation location for your new fire is also important to ensure specified clearances, floor protector requirements, flue installation and optimum heat distribution are achieved.

Talk to your local Metro agency about a new Metro fire today.

Confirm your property size to check whether your home is located within a clean air zone or not.

This will determine the type of model you can install. Your Metro agency or local council can advise if there are any specific airshed/emission requirements for your area.

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Select the correct size Metro fire and applicable flue system and any necessary heating accessories.

Your Metro agency or local installer can advise on the most suitable location for installation and exactly what heating products / accessories you will need.

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Have your new Metro fire installed correctly by an NZHHA registered or suitably qualified installer.

Your Metro agency or local installer can also help manage the council permit process from the consent application through to completed installation.

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The benefits of Metro

  • Clean air approved models meet NZ’s stringent clean air requirements
  • LTD models feature longer burn times and the larger capacity wetbacks for water heating
  • Premium 10 year firebox warranty and 1 year parts warranty
  • Manufactured in 6, 8 and 10mm NZ carbon steel with fire brick lined fireboxes
  • Big on features, massive on performance, small on price
  • Proudly 100% New Zealand made
  • Trusted, reliable heat for your home

The benefits of using wood to heat your home

  • A wood fire is relatively cheap to run, even if you have to purchase firewood.
  • If you have access to free firewood, your running costs will be close to zero.
  • Burning wood from sustainable forests is carbon neutral. While trees are growing, they capture carbon dioxide from the air. This carbon dioxide is released either when the wood is burnt, or when the tree dies and rots. While some emissions are produced in the transporting and processing of the wood, this is only a very small amount per unit of heat produced.
  • Wood is renewable and sustainable. New Zealand has extensive areas of forestry. Generation after generation of trees can be successfully harvested to produce firewood.
  • Metro wood fires will work during power cuts and can provide heat, hot water and also cook food on.
  • Most Metro models can be equipped with a wetback to heat household hot water.