ECO Flue Systems

Peak Performance from a Metro ECO Flue System

Maintain a warm home with no heat loss and reduce fuel consumption

Metro have dedicated years of development and testing to deliver the best performance and efficiency from a flue system. A Metro ECO Flue System will retain the warmth from your Metro wood fire in your home, and reduce your fuel consumption at the same time. Standard with every ECO Flue System, is the easily-recognisable Metro ECO Cowl. The rocket shaped ECO Cowl operates on a vertical discharge principle, and induces updraft to the flue gases to increase draw within the flue pipe. Metro offer both the ECO Base Flue System and the ECO Option Kit with optional stainless steel liners for a superior look and finish. (Recommended for all coastal installations)


Metro ECO Base Flue System

The Metro ECO Flue system is a double-liner system that consists of a 150mm fluepipe, 200mm and 250mm outer liners. The Metro ECO Flue system is superior to the conventional flue system as it draws its cooling air into the flue liners from either your homes ceiling cavity or from outside your home (ECO Option Kit required). This reduces your fuel consumption and ensures the heat produced by your wood fire is retained within your home instead of escaping up the flue. The energy savings achieved by the ECO Base Flue System are impressive. Lab testing of a conventional flue system resulted in the heated air produced by a wood fire being drawn out of the home at an astounding rate of 450 litres per minute.

Metro ECO Option Kit

The Metro ECO Option Kit is designed for installation in combination with the Metro ECO Base Flue System. The ECO Option Kit enables homes without a vented ceiling cavity, or with a sloping ceiling, to still achieve the same performance and efficiency benefits the Metro ECO Base Flue System provides.

Conventional Flue Systems

Conventional flue systems draw their cooling air from the room that is being heated by your wood fire. This results in the heated air from your wood fire being drawn out of your home. This heated air is then replaced with cold outside air drawn back into your home. On a cold winter’s night this hugely inefficient system can empty an average sized room once every hour of potentially 28ºC air. It replaces it with the outside air which in some regions can be below zero.


Metro ECO Flue Systems Application
ECO Base Flue System Suitable for freestanding wood fires for installation into homes with a vented ceiling cavity (attic space)
ECO Option Kit Designed for addition to the ECO Base Flue System to suit homes with a sloping ceiling or without a vented ceiling cavity
ECO Insert Flue System Suitable for all Metro Insert fires being installed into a masonry chimney
ECO Built-In Flue System Suitable for all Metro Built-In fires and also Metro Insert fires with VZCC being installed into a timber framed cavity
ECO Swap-Over Flue Kit Only to be used with existing 200mm and 250mm liners - Includes 3x 1200mm lengths of 150mm fluepipe and ECO Cowl
ECO Extension Kit Suitable for extending all Metro Flue Systems - Includes 1200mm lengths of 150mm fluepipe, 200mm and 250mm liners

Download a Metrofires Specifications Brochure for further details

Download a Metrofires ECO Flue System Manual for installation details